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Why NFT?

NFT is the leading provider of time-critical and temperature controlled logistics solutions in the UK. 

Since becoming CEO in 2018, I am often asked the question ‘Why NFT?’

For me there are several aspects of the business that genuinely differentiate us from other providers of logistics services.

Firstly, NFT is a dynamic and highly nimble provider of logistics solutions to the food and retail industry.  This flexibility matches the fast paced nature of the markets we serve and a trading environment where requirements are continually changing.

With revenues in excess of £230 million, we are large in scale, but at the same time we can make commercial and operational decisions quickly, allowing us to create highly bespoke solutions for our customers at pace.

NFT has an unrivalled insight of the retail market.  This reflects the skills and experience of the people we employ, but also the fact that across the NFT Group we provide a range of logistics services to both manufacturers and retailers.

Our network can also reach the UK consumer wherever they choose to shop.  Beyond the major grocery retailers, we deliver daily to wholesalers, resellers and online shopping providers.

And finally, we simply don’t stand still.  The ethos and financial backing of EV Cargo enables us to continually invest in new capabilities.  This allows us to deliver value to our customers over the long term.

With these key ingredients, I truly believe NFT can be your logistics partner of choice.

Ross Eggleton

Chief Executive Officer

Ross Eggleton NFT EV Cargo
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