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Fluctuations in consumer demand for products brings with it major supply chain challenges. Shoppers expect great on-shelf availability and product life as standard, so managing store replenishment successfully is of paramount importance.

In short, we ensure that the right products in the right quantities and with the correct life are delivered to store at the right temperature and time.

But our service capabilities are much wider than this. If required, we can manage the entire retail supply chain – from collection of inbound stock from supplier, delivery through primary distribution and then through secondary into store.

Core Services

We efficiently manage the timely flow of goods from distribution centre to store, ensuring effective replenishment.

  • Temperature

    Whether through open or closed book agreements, we offer solutions for multi temperature picking operations and store deliveries that continually add value to your supply chain.

  • Flexibility

    Our service comprehensively covers all the elements involved in secondary retail logistics. This process may include the receipt and handling of expected product, management of rejections, a range of ‘pick and pack’ options and added value services, such as promotional or seasonal order pick and inventory management.

  • Keep in Full Control

    Full end-to-end supply chain visibility is provided as a result of comprehensive data reporting. This allows enhanced planning and control of the operation.

Premium Features

The specific requirements of the retailer often require us to deliver an enhanced level of service.

  • Full Visibility

    The scope of NFT activity enables full ‘end to end’ supply chain visibility. We can track goods from the supplier, through the primary and secondary distribution networks, before eventually delivering to store.

    This allows us to identify efficiency and service improvements. An example of this is the ability to offer a back haul service from suppliers located within the area we operate.

  • Environment

    We support our customers to deliver their environmental objectives. Supporting the recycling of materials and ongoing delivery of initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint.

  • Management

    Our operation can also undertake inter-depot transfers to maximise on–shelf availability of products in the event of a shortage or a failed delivery.

Optional Features

There are a range of options that can add significant value to the secondary distribution services that NFT offers.

  • A range of product re-working and re-packing options are available. This can be used to maximise product availability and the merchandising of the product on shelf.

  • Picking & distribution options suitable for smaller format, convenience stores are available.

  • There are also a range of commercial options available, including closed or open book charging mechanisms, operating within a fixed budget, and incentives for delivering value from a continuous improvement activities.

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