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By taking full accountability for the total operation, we remove the burden of managing your inbound supply chain, whilst lessening the overall cost. This frees you to focus on your core skills of retailing and delighting customers.

Our ‘Control Tower’ approach provides a complete end-to-end network solution.  This visibility allows us to generate value across the supply chain, reduce complexity and ensuring the efficient flow of goods.

Our IT systems enable the efficient consolidation of loads to maximise vehicle utilisation.  This is better for the environment whilst supporting your corporate CSR goals.

During key promotional periods or seasonal peaks of capacity, we engage closely with each supplier to optimally flex the available resources to match demand. We create planned forecasts by supplier and a detailed inbound plan for each secondary RDC.

Core Services

NFT can reduce the burden and cost of your ambient, chilled and frozen inbound logistics.

  • We have the Know-How

    Creating, implementing and managing a retailer’s primary supply chain requires considerable logistics experience and know-how to do it successfully, day in, day out.

  • A Trusted Partner

    We’ve been trusted by major UK grocery retailers to provide them with this service for over 30 years.

  • Drive Your Costs Down

    The reasons why are clear. Our expertise in combining multi-temperature hubs, our highly skilled people and the technology to enable detailed vehicle tracking and management reporting provides you with the best platform on which to drive efficiencies up and costs down.

  • Keep in Full Control

    The flexibility and level of visibility our solution provides means that you’re always in full control.


Our standard service can be tailored even further to your specific needs via a comprehensive range of options.

  • Full Project Management

    If preferred, we can undertake full project management and P&L accountability of your primary supply chain. This could include commercial negotiations with suppliers the agreement of rates with transport companies and monitoring of trading patterns.

  • Agreed Standards

    An optional feature of our service is working closely with your suppliers to ensure that all pallets of product entering the supply chain are fully compliant with the agreed standard. This has many benefits as it can drive improved product availability, increased shelf life and reduced wastage.

  • Use our Scale

    We can also provide a solution product and equipment returns and utilise our scale to procure additional vehicles and fuel if required.

  • Flexibility

    Our service also has the ability to flex with your requirements. We can achieve this using our extended network of over 400 NFX partner hauliers. This enables rapid access to considerable additional vehicle capacity at low cost – ideal for new product launches and promotional or seasonal peaks.

  • Access to Europe

    Import connections with Europe are also made via this service, providing excellent access to continental European manufacturers.

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