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How do I apply for NFT jobs?

NFT only accepts applications through its online recruitment system. NFT does not accept paper applications.

How will I know if my application has been submitted correctly?

NFT’s recruitment system will only enable you to proceed when all sections have been completed.

I am having problems uploading my CV. What should I do?

When uploading your CV please ensure you save the document as either a .doc file or a .pdf file in order to successfully upload the document.

Why can't I see a vacancy on the NFT website that I have seen advertised at the Job Centre?

Occasionally job advertisements may be closed earlier than the planned date, due to a high volume of interest. Try searching in your preferred area to see if there are any other vacancies available.

I’m an existing employee and am interested in a role.

Please apply online for the role you are interested in.

If I withdraw or cancel an application, will this be held against me?

No. If you choose to withdraw an application, this will not affect any other applications that you may have made, or may make at a future date.

Does NFT offer work experience?

Work experience placements are offered at the discretion of local managers, depending on local operational circumstances.  If you are interested in a work experience placement, you should write to the manager of your nearest NFT Depot and they will be able to advise you whether or not any opportunities are available.

Which is the main agency that NFT uses to recruit temporary workers?

NFT has contracts with ADR who manage the supply of all industrial workers. NFT also has a preferred supplier list of agencies which we use to fill our vacancies.

If I am working for NFT through an agency, can I apply for a job directly with NFT?

Under the Agency Worker Regulation, you can apply for any role that is advertised for internal candidates or any role that is advertised for external candidates. You can apply in the same way as any other applicant. This is generally through NFT's online system.

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