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The benefits of NFX

Operating as a 'control tower' across the UK and Europe, our collaborative shared user system has many benefits:

  • Drives down empty miles and maximises asset utilisation
  • Reduces carbon footprints and enables alternative routes to market to be explored
  • Enables rapid response to changes in consumer demand, promotions and events
  • Reduces demand for dedicated investment and reliance on fixed capacity solutions
  • Provides access to international, world class food, drink and retail logistics

The NFX network provides access to over 10,000 vehicles across the UK and Europe, and is able to handle chilled, frozen and ambient products. Multimodal solutions using containerised food transport for import and export are also available.

NFX uses modern web-based systems developed specifically to meet our exacting requirements. These flexible systems enable real time coordination between all parties in the chain, with proactive control driving the swift processing and fulfilment of orders.

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