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‘NFT Tilbury’, our new 21,000m2 (230,000 sq. ft.)  logistics centre, is Europe’s largest port-centric, chilled warehouse facility.

Within 10 miles of London, NFT Tilbury is ideally located to handle food imports via any of the southern ports, including Southampton, London Gateway, Dover, Felixstowe and Portsmouth.

Whether arriving by sea or via road, products can be available for dispatch at an unrivalled speed.  This ensures chilled food arrives fresher with longer shelf life – a benefit for the manufacturer, retailer and consumer.

Bulk food shipments no longer need to be transported on lengthy journeys inland before unloading can take place – eliminating unnecessary and costly food miles.

This facility enables the creation of international end-to-end supply chain solutions and the potential to unlock savings of 10-20% of the cost of inbound logistics to the UK.

NFT Tilbury seamlessly integrates with our nationwide chilled transport network that delivers to every retailer RDC, every day.

With space for 25,000 pallets of chilled or ambient food, and a throughput of 2.5 million cases per week, NFT Tilbury has the capacity to meet both your current and future needs.

Core Features

Providing overseas food processors, growers and importers with immediate & cost efficient access to UK consumers.

  • Chilled Storage

    The site has been designed for storage of chilled products or to act as a cross-dock facility for chilled, ambient or deep chilled products arriving pre-palletised or in bulk.

  • Management

    Providing a confident, low risk transfer for new clients, we manage the entire supplier transition, using NFT resources accredited with structured change and project management skills such as Prince II.

  • Planning

    Our planning ensures specific focus is placed on master data set up, resource planning and systems testing, through to physical picking and the generation of demand and capacity plans.

  • State of the Art

    NFT’s state of the art warehouse management system and use of paperless picking technology provide exceptionally accurate stock control, high pick accuracy and strict adherence to stock rotation disciplines.

  • Traceability

    In the unfortunate event of a product recall, our systems provide maximum traceability and control. Full batch, lot and SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) traceability to delivery points is available, facilitating rapid resolution.

  • KPI Reports

    After each trading period we are able to provide a set of KPI reports which indicate the NFT performance achieved.

Optional Features

NFT London enables international ‘end-to-end’ supply chain solutions with the potential to unlock savings of 10-20% of the cost of UK inbound logistics.

  • Flexibility

    Our new facility has been designed with flexibility in mind. The site may be partitioned to operate at different temperature regimes to meet specific customer requirements.

  • Value Added Services

    Space also exists to provide a range of value added services including the weighing, packing and labelling of bulk produce or the reworking of processed food into ‘retailer ready’ pack formats.

  • Pallet Formats

    The site is also able to supply products on Euro or standard UK pallet formats as required.

  • Streamlining

    To further streamline the supply chain, routine Port Health Authority and manufacturer QC checks may be performed within the facility - saving valuable time and money.

  • Real Time Stock Data

    The site may also accommodate stock to meet short term seasonal demand, new product launch requirements or promotional volumes. Our always on warehouse management system can provide you with real time stock data, 24/7 via your dedicated web portal.

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