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Our vision reflects our ambition to develop and grow our business:

  • Wherever we choose to operate, we will be the company of choice for getting products from manufacturers to customers, where time really matters.


We believe that our mission communicates what makes NFT special and provides our competitive advantage:

  • NFT is about getting chilled food from manufacturer to retailer. Where time, quality and efficiency are critical, we are better at this than anyone.
  • Our competitive advantage arises from collaborative and enduring relationships with manufacturers and retailers.
  • Our people are our business - we recruit the best and work hard to develop and retain them.
  • Our customers can depend on: a world class platform and infrastructure; leading expertise and systems to capture and enhance best performance; robust financing; and a fabulous brand and reputation.
  • All these resources are focused on delivering outstanding value for money and an exceptional customer experience.


We have a clear strategy to develop our chilled logistics network capacity, enhance our nationwide coverage, deliver continual improvement to the benefit of our customers supply chains and so continue to increase our share of the total UK grocery logistics market.

We recognise that we're on a journey, but with a clear strategy in place, unrivalled depth of expertise and truly dedicated employees supported by a high quality, comprehensive infrastructure, we know that the journey is one we're well equipped for.


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